FAMILY: The Moffitts (again!)

I feel extremely blessed knowing the photos in this blog came from my fourth Moffitt photo shoot this year.  Fourth!  And that’s not including the two photo shoots from last year, so I guess you could say our relationship is getting pretty serious, eh?😉 Anyway, like I said, it’s truly a blessing to be called upon for every family milestone, or in this case, good old Christmas Card photos!😁

This year we headed out to El Dorado Park in Long Beach to take some updated family photos.  Despite rain in the forecast, and triple digit heat just two weeks ago(!!), everything came together magically for a beautiful Fall photo day.  Golden hour portraits are simply the best, especially when it’s timed with the exact weekend the trees are shedding their leaves.  Take a look and see!

doskofoto-family-photographer-5876Aren’t they a great looking bunch?

doskofoto-family-photographer-5567doskofoto-family-photographer-doskofoto-family-photographer-5672 doskofoto-family-photographer--3doskofoto-family-photographer--2
doskofoto-family-photographer-5773doskofoto-family-photographer-5776 doskofoto-family-photographer--4
doskofoto-family-photographer-5700doskofoto-family-photographer-5788 doskofoto-family-photographer-5713doskofoto-family-photographer-5690doskofoto-family-photographer-5810
doskofoto-family-photographer-5828doskofoto-family-photographer-5816 doskofoto-family-photographer-5856doskofoto-family-photographer-5874doskofoto-family-photographer-5849doskofoto-family-photographer-5606
I know I said it in last year’s post, but whenever I photograph this family the love between them is tangible and warm and makes my job a joy.  Until next time!

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