FAMILY: The Vasquez Fam

Last month I had the joy of working with the Vasquez Family to update their family portraits.  We met up for a stroll through our local park but what happened instead was pure comedy.  Elijah(6) and Jacob(2) provided nonstop laughter and entertainment as we “struggled” to snap a group photo.  Belly laughs, fist fights, and trips through magical tunnels brought out the true spirit of these little guys and if I’m honest, that’s my favorite way to do it.  Parents often stress over getting that one perfect shot, but it’s also so important to remember these stages and to document the childhood they will remember.  (But don’t worry, we got one of those nice family shots too!)  I love all the candid shots and emotion we captured, and the golden light was amazing–but don’t just take my word for it, check it out for yourself…  🙂






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