MATERNITY: Anahi + Danny

Who says you can’t get amazing photos on a rainy, overcast day?






Something incredibly interesting about this couple is that Anahi does not speak english.  From her first communication with me, everything has been in Spanish.  Admittedly I’ve asked for a lot of help from her husband, Danny, but during the shoot there was little room for translation.  It is so amazing to me that despite our differences, we can still communicate through several other the bonds we do share.  As I was acting out this final pose, Anahi looked at me a bit skeptically.  I imitated a model tousling my hair while looking down at the waves, but she was still hesitant.  I giggled and made light of it, adding in a bit of exaggerated flair, and she immediately began to laugh as well.  If these pictures aren’t proof enough, I will say she definitely rocked the pose!

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